Bingo Rules and Instructions

At Rocket Bingo we offer 90 & 75 ball bingo games that are out of this world! – As well as lots of space puns!

Bingo 90

In our 90 ball bingo game there are three winners in total. The first winner is the player who completes any 1 horizontal line (or row as some call them), across any of the tickets they have purchased. The second winner must complete 2 lines, and the lucky full house winner is the first to mark all the numbers (all three lines), on one of the tickets they have purchased.

The layout of bingo tickets on your screen will be as follows, each ticket is made up of a 3X9 grid, each row of 9 squares contains 5 numbers and 4 blank squares. 1 Strip holds 6 bingo tickets.  Each of the 90 numbers will appear once within a strip of tickets.

Clicking the 90 BALL tab in our lobby will bring up the 90 ball bingo rooms we offer to you.

Bingo 75

75 ball bingo features tickets that contain 24 numbers, tickets are made up of a 5x5 grid and the square at the centre is blank (i.e. it does not contain a number).

75 ball bingo is played with patterns, there are many different patterns available but only one is chosen per game. The object of the game is to complete a pattern on any bingo card purchased; a pattern is counted as complete when all the numbers in the pattern being played are called.

Clicking the 75 BALL tab in our lobby will give you access to the 75 ball bingo games we offer.

See full bingo rules here.

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To view the 75 Ball Patterns please click here