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    Do you love slots and bingo games? Well, you’re in the right place with us! At Rocket Bingo, we have hundreds of different games, each with their own unique twist on the classic gameplay. If you’re a slots fan or a intergalactic bingo fan, then you’ll be quite happy with what we have to offer. Check out our lobby if you’re looking for a rocket of real money games (even some that you can play for free, once you've validated your account by making a deposit).

    If you’re a bingo fan, then you’ll be able to play in a range of fantastic rooms, with loads to choose from. It’s clear to see that you won’t have a moment of boredom on your hands when you take a space flight with us. As you peruse our lobby, you’ll see games of all shapes and sizes, from free and penny games right up to the big jackpots.

    This gives you all sorts of flexibility, depending on your budget and what you want to win. You never need to spend a lot to be able to have a great time at Rocket Bingo. We’ve got loads of free bingo games to take part in too, so you don’t have to spend a penny with these ones. If you want to buy tickets, then they start from just a penny. Even our jackpot games aren’t too expensive for you to take part in, it’s always good value for money here.

    On the day to day side of things, there are some great games, as well as some big ones that you can mark in your calendar in advance. Our lobby is simply packed with all of the very best bingo games you could ever hope to get playing. Even the pickiest players out there will be able to find something to suit their exacting standards.

    You’ll find that most of our games are either 90 or 75 ball versions of the game. There are lots of different rooms available on our site, you can head into a hosted one if you want to have a chat with your fellow roomies. Our friendly chat hosts are there to keep you all having fun while you gossip with one another and play in some chat games too.

    Jackpots can vary quite a bit here, with different mechanics to watch out for. We’ve got guaranteed jackpots, progressives and more! We’ve even got communal prizes on offer in some games, which will drastically increase your chances of getting a share of the prize pool. You can see the description of these jackpots in the lobby, so it’s simple to select the ones you want to play in, put on your space boots and jump right in!

    As you peruse the lobby, you’ll find more than just bingo! We have plenty of different slots for you to try your luck on, no matter what kind of themes you prefer. This will keep you enjoying all sorts of different themes and features, as we use a selection of high quality developers. With most of these, you can bet from just a penny so you don’t have to spend much to play on this selection!

    Remember we have a fantastic trophy bases loyalty system, so it pays to stick around. If you’re an eager player then you’ll find that you rack up trophies in no time at all. As you do, you’ll get free spins and bonuses for taking part with us here on the site - just a little thank you from our space team.

    Our slot games come in all different shapes and sizes, which means you can get a really varied experience. You can start out with simple three reel games or you can go for more complex games with extra features. There are so many ways to play these different games, you’ll become an expert in no time at all!

    There are some typical features that you’ll find in a lot of slot games, which you can come to expect. First off, there’s usually a wild symbol, which is short for wild card. This stands in for most of the regular symbols that you can see on the reels and it’s something that can be seen on many games. These are great keys to help you on your way to a win and they can even add a higher multiplier onto the combination that they become a part of.

    You may also see a scatter symbol on the reels, which can serve a couple of different purposes. This can pay out from anywhere on the reels, so you don’t need to worry about the paylines. They might also give you free spins too, if you get enough of them. Not every game has a free spins bonus round but they are getting more and more common.

    These games can also contain other bonus rounds for you to play in too, which are usually triggered with bonus symbols. These will usually follow on from the theme of the game and give you another screen to play on. This is exciting for players and it can even be pretty rewarding too. With bonus features, the only limit is the developer’s imagination, so you can find some innovative ones in our lobby.

    All games will have a paytable, which will allow you to view all of the features and jackpots that the game has to offer. This is a great resource for players, as you can see everything that the symbols can do with the touch of a button. Take a look through these if you want to see the values of all the symbols really simply before you get to play.

    Some slots will allow you to set your paylines, whereas others will have these fixed. By changing these paylines, you change your wager and also your chances of winning. Check out lots of different games to find out what kind of play style you enjoy the most.

    So what are you waiting for? Jump into our lobby and get playing on the games that tickle your fancy! Everything here is fair play tested and safe, so play whichever one appeals to you.