Playing bingo for free and winning for real may seem unlikely, but there are actually sites out there (such as right here at Rocket Bingo) that let you do just that. These risk free ventures allow you to have all the fun of playing bingo and winning, just without any of the cost.

In this Rocket Bingo guide, we’ll be talking you through the free bingo phenomenon and where you can make the most of it, including right here! If you ever wanted to win without those pesky ticket prices then this is the guide for you. 

Free Bingo Games at Rocket Bingo 

There are plenty of free bingo games and places to play, though some of them come with more restrictions than others.


Right here at Rocket Bingo we offer a suite of free games, each with their own pros and cons. You should take a look at playing:


The Genuine Free Bingo Game 

This is one of the best kinds of free bingo games, as there are no strings attached. This game is available to all players, regardless of whether they are funded or not. This is Rocket Bingo’s way of rewarding all players, not just the paying ones.

The prize pools amount to £1 per game and there are four of these games on the site each day. By logging into Rocket Bingo and going to our lobby, you’ll find this game under the Rocket Freebies tab.



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Lunchtime Launch 

As this is a space themed site, you can expect a lot of rocket themed puns in the rooms. The Lunchtime Launch is just one of these freebie rooms and takes place each day at 1pm sharp. There’s a £1 prize for the 1L, 2L and FH winner here, which is quite a lot for a free game. 

Again, this is a great room because you’re not forced to deposit to play and the prizes are real cash, so you can withdraw them if you wish. Find this one in the freebies tab of the lobby too. This game is perfect to play on your lunch break for a mid-day win. 


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Mission Control

Another space themed promotion, the Mission Control game also has free admission involved. It’s the biggest free game around and it’s exclusive to this site. Each Tuesday and Thursday at 9pm, players face off in this 90 ball room for big jackpots. 

The £10 prize pool is split between three winning players. The full house winner takes the most with a jackpot of £5 in real cash. This is a lot to win in a free game, especially one you can take part in twice a week with no deposit. Take part as many times as possible with this promotion for the chance to win a lot of cash.


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£100 Hour 

Is there anything better to kick off the weekend than a bit of free bingo? This Friday night fun kicks off at 8pm with an hour consisting of 10 free bingo games. In each game you’ll find a prize pool of £10 cash. If you’re a winner then you can take this cash out of your account or use it on games that you enjoy.

There are no wagering requirements to consider when you win these prizes! It’s a 90 ball game so you’ve got three chances at the prize in each game, what’s not to love? This can be found on the promotions page or in the lobby itself. 


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Tips for Free Bingo Success

If you want to help yourself out while playing free bingo then you can use the following hints and tips:

  • Claim your Ticket – There will usually only be a set amount of tickets available to claim for a free game. These can be used up really quickly, especially on popular games. You can usually even reserve these in advance to make sure you’re in that room.
  • Read the Terms – There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to play for free, only to find out that you’re not invited to the room. Some sites require you to deposit or fund your account before you’ll be allowed in. This can be annoying, check the terms of a free game to find out exactly what you need to go.
  • Look into the Jackpot – Not all free bingo has a cash jackpot, these often just give players bonus funds. These will then have wagering requirements to watch out for, which can generally make the free bingo jackpot worth a lot less. 
  • Know your Etiquette – If there’s a host in the room then make sure you mind your manners. There are rules to chatting online and you can check them out on each individual site. This includes things like how you talk to others and how you keep yourself safe too. 

Then all you need to do is cross your fingers to make sure that you’re the winner. It’s all a matter of luck in these games, so you’ll just need to hope for the best. 

How to Find the Best Free Bingo Games?

When scouting out free bingo games, there are some things that make games better than others. When selecting these games, it’s important to watch out for aspects that may prove to affect your gaming time. If the rules within the game are harsh, i.e. you have to bingo within a certain number of calls, then it may be unlikely that you win. 

If you win the jackpot while not funded, double check the terms of the site to figure out if you will be able to withdraw. Not all sites allow you to withdraw without having first made a deposit, so you may also have to satisfy this requirement. All of the terms of a site can be viewed on it, though they can seem a bit boring, it’s a good idea to take a look anyway.

Free bingo can be a lot of fun and even net you some real cash if you know where to play. Don’t miss out on all the action, just find some games that appeal to you and you’ll be off to a flying start. Then all you need to do is win and nab the cash prize.