Free Bingo Sites to enjoy without spending a penny!

Love that feeling of getting something for nothing? At Rocket Bingo we run regular free bingo games where you get the chance to play bingo without having to spend a penny, although we will require you to have made a deposit with us for verification purposes - After card details required.

We offer lots of different games so there's always a chance for you to grab a bonus with no wagering on your part. Whether you're a newcomer or an old hand looking to throw down some new roots, Rocket Bingo will more than likely have a free bingo room for you.

Any Difference to Regular Bingo?

You might think there would be something that separates the two. However, at Rocket Bingo there isn’t! The only difference is the tickets are free - on both games you can win real money.

When it comes to playing the games themselves, we use the same amazing software that we use across all of our bingo games. We mainly play with the 90-ball bingo varieties which makes for a more fast-paced and thrilling game than its tenser but just as fun 75-ball American cousin.

90-ball bingo is more commonly played in the UK. A player gets a card with 3 rows, 9 columns, and 15 numbers arranged in a unique pattern on the card. There are usually 3 winners; when someone fills in one line, then two lines, and then finally the person who crosses off all 15 numbers and gets the full house.

When played in bingo halls as opposed to online, you may also hear the bingo callers shout rhymes to go along with the numbers, such as “Two little ducks” for 22. See how the numbers resemble the ducks? It's a fantastic and creative tradition that is instantly recallable when talking about British bingo.

One disadvantage of free bingo is that the jackpots can be a little smaller than some of the funded games but there are plenty of ways you can make this positive again. If you are a newcomer to the game, free games are the perfect way to pick up the reins and teach you everything you need to know about bingo. They are also great for someone just looking for a quick, casual game that they do not have to spend a lot on.

Of course, not every game is going to have a small jackpot. In the past, we have run free games with a total prize of £1000 to celebrate our birthdays! You never know what you are going to see on offer with a free game so don’t dismiss them if you are after a high win!

Both free bingo and regular bingo give you the chance to win big. Keep your eyes peeled for the best deals on the market; starting with some of the fabulous offers you can get right here at Rocket Bingo!

Free Bingo vs No Deposit Bingo

Free bingo games are not that difficult to find on the internet. When searching for the best ones, you may see the terms “free bingo” and “no deposit bingo” floating around. What’s the difference between these? Aren’t they just the same thing? No, not exactly!

Free bingo is, as you would expect, devoid of cost for the players. However, the term is sometimes used to describe bingo games which are reserved for funded players as a little incentive to reward them for playing at the site. These types of games usually have a requirement linked to the other games in the site before you can play. For example, you may have had to wager at least £5 on bingo in the previous week to be considered eligible for a free game. It is a great way for bingo sites to give back to the players who are so willing to spend their time and money with them.

The other variation you will see is “no deposit bingo”. This is the type of bingo you will want to be on the lookout for if this is your first time on the site or even your first-time playing bingo. No deposit bingo is exactly what it says on the tin; while you will be required to make an account to play, you do not need to place a deposit to be eligible for the game. After signing up, you can claim the tickets and you are ready to go!

Both are great ways to get in a game of bingo, especially as free bingo is frequently offered among a site’s roster of free games.

Why Rocket Bingo is the Best

The other websites are great but we honestly think that Rocket Bingo is one of the best of the bunch. We offer up to 6 hours of free bingo every single day and with that comes a fantastic chance for you to win.

Those winnings can also be used to play in any of our other games. We have two amazing monthly jackpots – one to celebrate payday and one for our top VIP – which can see you trying your hand at a chance to win a share of £10,000!

All our games are powered using the Jumpman software. As part of the Jumpman Gaming network, we belong to a community of avid bingo lovers and we can’t wait for you to join us. At Rocket Bingo alone, we have nearly 4000 players for you to play alongside. Every bingo room comes with a chatroom and a friendly chat host so you can gossip to your heart’s content with your fellow players before you settle down and turn your attention to clenching that full house.

Furthermore, in 2016 we won the Which Bingo award for ‘Best Jumpman Gaming Bingo Site’, an award voted for by our lovely players. We have done everything we can to make Rocket Bingo the best destination for bingo possible.

What’s more, if you fancy a little change from bingo then we have plenty of other treats to offer you. We host an extensive selection of the best slot games from some of the industry’s top developers. With games for talent like NetEnt, Eyecon, and Barcrest in our lobby, you are bound to find an amazing game to play! We also have some of the best jackpot games out there so if you are hankering for a big win then we definitely have you covered.

Finally, we have some great promotions to boost your play and truly make you feel like the valued player you are. Our Mega Wheel is our go-to rewarder that can net you up to 500 spins on some of the community’s favourite games or even a £10 Amazon gift voucher. We also have some incredible cashback offers to help you earn even when you feel like you have hit a losing streak.   

Get Ready for Lift Off!

What are you waiting for? We have so much to offer you at Rocket Bingo and we cannot wait until you are part of our family. The free games and variety of ways to play make us such a great destination. Additionally, our promotions and various schemes truly reward you. We love to give back to our players and you will certainly feel the love when you play with us.

Sign up today and try out one of our daily free games, just make an account and get playing! You could even manage to nab the full house win; you never know until you try. We are sure you are going to love being a player at Rocket Bingo.