Where to play free bingo?

This is a question we hear asked a lot of times in the bingo industry, usually by players who for one reason or another don’t feel like spending money and would prefer to make no deposit - in fact most of these players would prefer to leave their bank card zipped up in their purses (or wallets, we welcome gentlemen too!).


We can honestly say the best answer to the question is to play free bingo at Rocket Bingo, as players will benefit from a whole range of free games which do not require the player to spend any money, these games can be played with no previous deposit and card details do not need to be registered beforehand.


At Rocket Bingo we have the following free bingo games that can be enjoyed without even registering your bank details!



Room Name When Where Price Jackpot Deposit Required
Lunchtime Launch 1pm Weekdays

‘Rocket Freebies’ tab in main lobby


£3 Guaranteed

£0, open to funded and non-funded players

Mission Control 9pm Tuesday and Thursday 

Rocket Freebies’ tab in main lobby


£10 Guaranteed

£0, open to funded and non-funded players

£100 Hour 8pm Friday

Rocket Freebies’ tab in main lobby


10 x £10 Games, back to back!

£0, open to funded and non-funded players

Genuine Free Bingo 6, 7, 8 and 9pm daily

Rocket Freebies’ tab in main lobby


4 x £1 Games

£0, open to funded and non-funded players



We truly believe that you won’t find any other site that offers such a good range of free bingo games where you can genuinely win real money.

No tricks and no strings attached!

Rocket Bingo has a long history of offering free bingo games. It all started back in 2015 when we celebrated our 2nd Birthday with an incredible free game funded to the value of £2,000. We called it Birthday Blowout and it’s popularity was so amazing that in June 2015 we decided to introduce a whole month of daily free games. We called it £1 Free Bingo and so many of our players enjoyed playing for free but winning for real that we took the decision to introduce Genuine Free Bingo to our lobby - and that’s where it has stayed ever since.


Don’t be fooled by imitations..


A quick search for free bingo will pull up a whole load of super appealing sounding offers, but once you’ve registered you’ll nearly always find that there is a catch - a typical catch is that you’ll need to register your card details or even be a funded player in order to take advantage of the free games.


What can I spend the money on?


At Rocket Bingo the money that you win by playing free bingo is what we call ‘real money’. We call it as we see it and it is what it is! There’s no rhymes or riddles, real money can be spent on any bingo game or any slot game at our site and once you’ve got enough of it and have satisfied our withdrawal conditions, you can withdraw it and go on your merry way!


Play Now!


Further details on our free bingo games:


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-This page refers to the free bingo games that appear under the ‘Rocket Freebies’ tab.

-All of the ‘Rocket Freebies’ games are exclusive to Rocket Bingo.

-There are other free bingo games offered by the network that require you to be a funded player in order to play, these games include but are not limited to: ‘Free Bingo’, VIP Free Bingo’ and ‘Tuesday Treasure’.