Aztec Secrets

When it comes to online slot games, there's a lot of choice! At our slots and bingo site, Rocket Bingo offers over 600 of these games and out of that collection, a fair few are Aztec themed!

This means that when 1 x 2 Gaming released Aztec Secrets, they were putting their 5 reel creation up against some stiff competition. 

Fortunately 1 x 2 Gaming, though not giants in their niche do know a thing or two about creating a decent slot game. Benefitting from that expertise, Aztec Secrets boasts a simple but effective theme with special attention and detail being paid to the all important symbols on the reels. With some decent bonus features thrown in for good measure, we think you're onto a good thing with this title.


As we were saying, the theme here is simple but effective and as you play, you'll notice the symbols in this slot tie in very neatly with the Aztec theme. Appropriately, some of the symbols (the low paying) have animals on them whilst the higher paying symbols are masks. If you would like to find out what each symbol is worth then, make sure you read over the payable. 

How to Play

To play this slot, it's important that you read over the instructions available for you in the paytable. Whilst we all know that there isn't much to playing slots, reading the paytable will give you an insight into the bonus features, the paylines and crucially the all important RTP. Put simply, read the instructions before you put together the flat pack furniture - the results will be better!

When you've read the instructions, you can start to place bets and spin the reel by clicking the rotating arrow symbol on the side of the reel. When choosing your bet, as we always do here at Rocket Bingo, we recommend you bet small.

Game Features, Aztec Mask Wild, etc

Whilst playing Aztec Secrets, the luckiest amongst you may encounter the special features that this title has in store. In a nutshell, you'll probably do well if you see:

-Aztec Mask Wild - this is the wild symbol - it's a golden mask surrounded by colourful smaller masks, helpfully the word 'Wild' is displayed at the bottom of this design, Wild = good thing. The wild substitutes for any symbol except the scatter and bonus. 

-Tribal Tiger Scatter - the scatter symbol for this game.

-Golden Sun Bonus - a bonus symbol in this game.

To find out more about the symbols mentioned above and for a boatload of further information, visit the paytable.

Closing thoughts on Aztec Secrets

Whilst we question whether this game will truly have you imagining life as part of a nomadic tribe that ruled Mexico sometime in the 14th century onwards, we definitely don't question that this game has the ability to provide you with some edge of the sofa excitement. So go ahead and spin your own adventure.

Game Stats
Paylines 25
Min. Bet £0.01
Max. Bet £62.50
Bonus Round Free Spins, Scatter Pays