Ali baba

Get ready for an exciting adventure as you join Ali Baba and his chums as you go on a desert quest in this sizzling five-reel slot from Leander Games.

Ali Baba is a game which has all the vital ingredients: A great design. A concept. Multiple bounus rounds.


Sand, golden skies and heat sum up the design, which sets the middle eastern ambience quite nicely. We think Ali Baba would be quite happy with this depiction of his homeland.

The look and feel has been carried over into the choice of reels that developers have used for this slot - you'll spot various Arabian symbols as they spin by keeping the feel of the game alive.

All the symbols are worth different amounts – some high, some low. The high paying symbols include Ali Baba, the man with the hat, monkey, camel and the snake. The lower paying symbols are the golden bug, the ring, knife and the other wooden objects.

Whilst you play you will also find that there are additional symbols that appear on the reels - some of them may even help you to activate special bonus rounds and features (more on that later). 

How to Play

From one slot to another, the principles are generally the same. That being said, we do always suggest you read the instructions in order to get the most from your gaming experience. Within the instructions, you'll find plenty of information regarding the different pay lines, the bonus rounds and the RTP. So before you go on your adventure with Ali, get to know the game beforehand - it'll help you make more informed gaming decisions!

As we said, the basics are the same - make a deposit (by mobile if you wish), choose your bet amount and hit spin! 

Game Features

The bit you've been waiting for, the extra special features that make things nice and exciting!

The wild symbol is the girl in the green outfit. The bonus vase symbols trigger the “Gold or Bandit” bonus feature, a simple picking round that could help you on your way to a win. Whilst playing this bonus round,  Ali will protect you between one and three times if you do unearth a dastardly bandit. With the chance to click and find 6 random treasures, this could be a particularly decent feature.

There is also a free spins feature and if you land the Open Sesame symbol on the reel 3 or more times it can be activated. If you're super lucky, you may even land yourself a wins multiplier too.

There's a great number of slot games which share a theme similar to Ali Baba. In this case, we think the 'Gold or Bandit' bonus round is a particularly nice touch that you'll enjoy should you be lucky enough to land those vase symbols to activate it - definitely a stand out feature.

Game Stats
Paylines 20
Min. Bet £0.01
Max. Bet £100
Bonus Round Expanded Wilds, Free Spins, Instant Wins