9 Masks of Fire

See if you have what it takes to cause some heatwaves as you play the slot game 9 Masks of Fire by the fantastic gaming provider Microgaming, a brand renowned for creating some very well known slot games. 9 Masks of Fire shows off the creativity of the designers and their skill is demonstrated by the elaborate but tasteful theming that oozes from this game.


In 9 Masks of Fire, as you'd expect, carries a fiery and tribal look thanks to the images and symbols featuring throughout. This theme comes through the design as soon as the game loads and remains consistent throughout the gameplay.

As you play this game, you'll appreciate the subtleties, such as the symbols which have been used to add a little bit of extra flair, but also the simplicity of the more traditional icons that are straight from the old school style slot machines - this juxtapositioning gives a little extra depth to the game and is a nod to times gone by.

How to Play

The slot game 9 Masks of Fire is both easy and fun - a game you'll grasp in no time whatsoever. For those that are already familiar with slots (that's you, right!?) gameplay will be a doddle! 

However, as when assembling Ikea furniture, despite the temptation to do otherwise, it's always better to make sure you read over the instructions before getting stuck in. In the case of this slot game, reading the instructions will help you better understand the pay lines, the symbols and the RTP figures (the amount this game pays back to the player, expressed as a percentage).

Once you've digested the instructions, there's really nothing left to do but to choose the amount you wish to wager and hit the big spin button. In case you're feeling especially lazy, you can use the auto spin feature, but what's the fun in that?

Game Features

When it comes to playing the slot game 9 Masks of Fire, arguably the biggest opportunities to win come if you're lucky enough to activate a bonus feature. 

The game features in this slot include wild symbols and free spins, both of which you may witness if you're lucky!

Overall, the slot game 9 Masks of Fire is both fun and entertaining to play and it holds it's head high amongst our not so small collection of Chinese themed slot games here at Rocket Bingo.

Game Stats
Paylines 20
Min. Bet £0.20
Max. Bet £60
Bonus Round Free Spins, Wilds