Introducing 7-UP! Slot Game

Funky and fresh, just like the lemonade (which isn't in anyway connected to this title!) 7-Up! is one game that will always leave you wanting more! This fun game from Gamevy is waiting for you to try not and can be found in the same collection as our bingo games.


7UP! has a pleasing retro theme that, together with the upbeat music and sound effects, puts us in the mindset of an arcade from the 80s. There is a multitude of symbols here in all different colours and shapes. If you are a fan of the classic fruit machine, you are definitely going to recognise more than one symbol here.

There is a cherry, a lemon, a banana, a pineapple, some grapes and a slice of watermelon. Higher paying symbols include a horseshoe, a clover, a diamond, a bell, the iconic bar symbol, and of course, a 7 as the highest paying symbol in the game.

How to Play

7UP! is technically not a slot game. It is in fact a scratch card game but that doesn’t make it any less fun to play.

Simply use the controls on the right to choose how many of the lines you are wanting to bet on in this game. With a total of 7 to choose from, you can bet on all of them if you choose or just on a couple. The decision is completely yours.

You then simply decide how much you are going to bet per line. With bets between 2p and £10 per line available, no matter your budget there is going to be something available for you. All you then need to do is hit the shiny Play button in the bottom right corner!

Game Features

Since this is a scratch card game, there are no bonus features like we would see in a typical slot such Aloha. There is no way that free spins or Wilds could easily be incorporated so if you are on the hunt for a true slot game then this is not for you.

However, what scratch games like 7UP! are great for is instant wins. All you need to do is hit the play button and see if you land a win. It is really that easy. There are no fancy mechanics which you need to learn how to wrangle. This is simplicity at its finest and it is waiting for you.

This game truly has all of the instant win gratification you could ever hope to find and it will arrive with many different turns.

What’s more, don’t dismiss this game thinking that it would not be worth your while for a win. This game in no way pays out a pittance. Imagine you are playing with the max bet. If you manage to land even a single row with three sevens this will pay out to the tune of 100k! If you somehow landed all 7 rows, that would be a whopping 700k heading your way! Obviously not everyone can afford the max bet but even the lower betting thresholds offer some great opportunities for a win.

If you are looking for something to take you away from the slots for a while, 7UP! might be exactly the distraction you need. It has a great theme, exciting gameplay, and a great chance for a win! What more do you need?

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Game Stats
Paylines 7
Min. Bet £0.02
Max. Bet £70
Bonus Round Scratch Card