Beehive Bedlam

Join the bees as you try to collect all of the pollen in Beehive Bedlam Reactors slot. This game is a little different to other slots that we have here on Rocket Bingo but it is a lot of fun. With colourful graphics and cluster pay wins, this is one to watch. Make sure to give Beehive Bedlam Reactors a try today and see if you can get your hands on some honey, *cough*, money!

The design of this game is really great and we love what has been done with the reels. There are no standard reels, instead, we have a beehive that is filled with colourful symbols. This helps to bring the main theme of Beehive Bedlam Reactors together. Everything is easy to find and there is a Pollen Count board over on the right.

For the lower-value symbols, you will notice various flowers on the screen. The higher-value symbols come in the form of main characters from the story including Queen Bee, the Boss Man, Buzz and Daisy. Take a look at the paytable to find out exactly how much each of these symbols are worth.

How to Play

If you want to play Beehive Bedlam Reactors, you are going to need to place your bet. Stakes on this game start at just 10P. Remember to check your bet before you spin to ensure you don’t spend more than you can afford.

Once you have placed your bet, all you need to do is press the play button. Wins are awarded based on connections of 5 symbols that match. The more symbols that are connected, the higher your payout will be. Any symbols that help you land a win will disappear and new ones will replace them.

Game Features

While Beehive Bedlam Reactors doesn’t have the typical bonus features that you would expect from a slot, it does have a lot to offer. Firstly, you will notice that each win triggers more symbols appearing and this can continue until you stop winning. Each win will appear over on the Pollen Count board and you might even get some honey added to your jar. This can trigger the honey jar bonus round.

Beehive Bedlam Reactors also has a large list of achievements that you can unlock as you play this slot. You might have even unlocked some of these without realising so it might be worth having a look. Some of these achievements include completing one island successfully and completing the game entirely. Make sure to check these out.

Look out for the Free Falls Bonus round in this game as this can help you to trigger the jackpot win. You’ll notice the letters light up at the top of the reels and this is how this is awarded to you.

If you are looking for something different to try then we suggest that you give Beehive Bedlam Reactors a spin today. This game has a lot to offer and all of the bonus features can be very rewarding. 

Game Stats
Paylines Cluster Wins
Min. Bet £0.10
Max. Bet £500
Bonus Round Various